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The Gas Pump's Start

Bill and Norma collected all kinds of antiques throughout their lives.  Bill was in the construction industry and Norma a Pharmacist for a local drugstore.  Bill's job would take him into the fields and orange groves of  Riverside where he would often find old discarded gas pumps.  He would offer to buy the pumps but usually the owner would just give them to him for removing them.  Bill would restore the pumps to bring them back to life just like they were in the 30's and 40's .  When  their collection became too large for their home, Bill and Norma decided to open their own store.  They originally thought the store would be open for only a couple of years but the more they sold the more Bill bought and that was 20 years ago.  

Bill and Norma contributed to the community over the years and have helped to preserve a long lost era.  Stop by the store and meet Norma, Marty who are friendly and know the antique business well.