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Added May 2020
Candy Machines:

Candy Machine 10 cents 1950's Hersheys
1950s Candy Machine
Candy Machine 1950 Fresh Gum
1940 Candy Machine Master Peanuts
1940 Peanuts


1930 Philco Radio
1970 Standard Gas Globe


1960 Surf City Coke Sign
1950s Coca Cola Ice Cold (2)
1980 Have a Cock Sign
1960 Pepsi Cola
1960 Tuxies Drive-in
1938 Goodrich
1972 Bull Mouth Riverside CA
1950 Stop Sign, Huntington Beach

Service Stations:

1930 Weaver, Springfield, IL
1950 Texaco Light Water Air
Fisk Time to Re-tire

Added October 2019

1950 Dayton Thorobreds Tires
Marquee Clock Coke
1940 Pulver Chewing Gum
Vintage Red 5 Head Multimixer Milkshake Mixer Maker
1950 Hot Peanuts
Marquee Clock Coke
Vintage Jadite Green 40 DM Triple 3 Head Milkshake Mixer Maker
1940 Brewsters Vintage Strong Box
1950 Fox Theater Fresh Hot Popcorn
1950 Coke Trash Can


1950 Rexall Drugs
1950 48 Coke Button
1950 30 Coke Button
1950 Federal Tires
1950 Quaker Maid Milk
1930 Ruby Drive-in Coke Sign
1940 Standard Globe
1950 Perminum Richfield Globe Service Station
1950 Texaco Globe
1940 Studebaker Neon Service Sign
1950 30" Thermometer Drink Coca-cola
1948 Coke Clock Sign
1960 Coke Sign 18"x32" Plastic Light Up Rotating Display

Gas Pumps:

1950 Polly Gas Pump Bennett 966

Barber Chair:

1901 Koken Barber Chair Beverly Hills, California

Service Stations:

1940 Pennzoil Motor Oil
1940 Pennzoil Oil Container
1950 Quick Start Pennzoil
1920 Polly Oil Dispenser
1940 Shell Oil Rack